Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Line Dancing in the Corridor

Line Dancing for beginners is what is needed in some parts, specially the Salt Lake area. High population density but many have been inclined to Honolulu for too long. Honolulu is humbug and with the Rail Calamity it is going to get worse. You can have an awful lot of fun in your own kuleana.

Though I am not naturally honest, I am so sometimes by chance.
~William Shakespeare

Women take to it, for the fact that they need no partner and can enjoy moving to music all by themselves, somewhat like it has been done for centuries. For men it is, how easy to learn the basic fundamentals without learning to lead a lady at the same time.

For both men and women, they learn the basic movements, and the basic rhythms that are played in ordinary cultural partner dancing. Much of the music becomes familiar and they develop their favorites. Line Dance DJs lead the rest in having a menu of the dances that will be played that night. What more can you ask for? Well for one thing, let's not get too fancy. Keep it at the Bronze level.

And the latest estimates are at ten billion dollars for the Rail Disaster. Millions
and Millions of dollars in pure profits for the few in the Present Rail Party.
And who is going to pay for this mess? Lucky You!

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