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What is the dance Rumba? There are a few different interpretations from several different viewpoints. But of course, my viewpoint is the correct one. Haw haw!
"Let's Face The Music And Dance" By Nat "King" Cole

The Rumba is a slow, intense, sensuous, romantic dance with much flirtation. The International is more jerky, sexless and not as suave as the American, mainly show biz poses and competition styles with their rules. There are several other Rumbas in the Latin World but many very local in regions.

But then International as a whole was developed in a more pristine environment and sex has nothing at all to do with their dancing, zip, zero, none, nada. But I suppose we can admit they try in the ladies costumes.

Many of the basic figures of the dance in the American and Recreational have a "tease and run" theme from the original in which the lady first flirts with and then rejects her partner. The sexual overtures can be very aggressive. This has diminished with time.

"All children are artists. The problem is how to have them
remain artists once they grow up."
The Rumba spotlights the lady and in particular her rhythmic body action and sexuality. The slow Latin beat, the rhythmic body and hip action, and the steamy tease and run figures have resulted in routines that could be close to X-rated. But not in the International style.

The Rumba is a little faster than bolero, 100 -110 beats per minute and it usually has a little more of the boom-boom, clack-clack. bang-bang, click-click in what seems a larger clave percussion section. The goof up in the American Rumba was in differentiating the two key schools of dance, the Arthur Murray and the Fred Astaire with the box step.

The International has been very clear and united in that it is basically an older Rumba-mambo but with International quirks to make it a separate and distinct dance and at one time it had a distinct Latin type Rumba music.

Recreational dancers are gradually changing the basic Rumba that has been danced for decades on Oahu to something more standardized with more basic movements so the more men can lead and more women can follow easier and enjoy a good Rumba to real Rumba music. Da Berries.

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