Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Famous Two-Centers

The strangest thing is the lack of Two-Centers. Those willing to share a little dance atmosphere with their fellow dancers. Just a photo and a couple paragraphs would do for a start. And just email it and I would post it in the blog of your choice. Easy as pie and the reader/dancers would eat that stuff right up, and the hits would go through the roof. Why? Because they cannot get any thing resembling that information except through cliques and everyone knows how reliable that is.

"Never let yourself be bullied into silence. Don't let anyone define you, define yourself. And your brain is there for a reason ... so write that viewpoint up."

Then of course, would come the option of becoming a Guest Author. The two-centers would have discovered that the view from their side of the ballroom is much different than from my side. So we have different opinions and that is what makes it interesting and it becomes Social Media.

We are not talking about journalists, novelists, professional writers of any kind. We are simply talking about gatherers and spreaders of information which may be of interest to our fellow reader/dancers. Just the facts as you see them and not SOS. Wha dat?

“She didn't know how to follow. I did a spot turn while she
did a promenade. I never saw her again.”

On any blog, I expect to get enough Two-Centers and convince a few to become Guest Authors, able to get on the blog, write, post photos, publish and get out without saying "boo" to anyone. Eventually I could appoint two Administrators (one for back up). Then, with at least four or five Guest Authors, independence. I could resign and work on the other blogs. This would send the hits for this type of blog at over 100 average hits per day.

"Knock On Wood" by Amii Stewart

This will also lower the great reliance on the vicious cliques that have always existed in our dance circles and have been so detrimental to our cause. I keep meeting so many “good people.” I am beginning to accept the fact that in the dance community of this Island we have some of the best people in this world. With all their faults, (and who in the hell is perfect?) they are still the best. All over this Island, we just have to look for them and gradually get them to know each other. I can see that the class of our reader/dancers is elevating day by day.

"How much you know is not as important as what you do with
what you do know."


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