Friday, November 22, 2013


All of our dancing blogs need "Information and Photo Contributors," that is people that will contribute information and photos not readily accessible to the rest of us. They usually refer to sticking in their two cents, so we have converted the terminology to a Two-Center.

"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Our reader/dancers can contribute one sentence, two sentences, a paragraph and even an short article when they get going. This is necessary to establish the blog as Social Media. The different opinions coming from different places are the body of a good dancing blog.

Clones we do not need. And yes I realize that it is somewhat difficult to understand. It requires information and/or photos only. It does not require anyone going for the Pulitzer or Professional photographers. And each photo is also a point of view.

"You've Really Got A Hold On Me" by the Miracles

Recreational dancing as it is slowly being defined on this Island is quite extensive. The biggest is our portion, where and who we are. All the rest, put together, the peripherals are less than half of our totals. The peripherals do not seem to realize this yet. They have preferred to marginalize us but that will slow down to a better understanding.

All you need is a computer and email to send the information and/or photos to the dance blog of your choice. And it is very possible when you see the good results of your contributions, you may think about the next step, of being a Guest Author. The most valuable item for a dance blog to establish their independence from the originator.

Each blog is slowly defining itself as to the niche it will cover. Much of the blogs will have overlapping agendas. But they are slowly shaping up and we must let them go as they wish. The Two-Centers may choose their preferred blog and that will certainly help to make the blogs different.

Of course, I will not live forever and we must allow for this. Town Dancer the top rated blog with average hits per day should be the first one to go. If I work it right, it should be fully independent in six months. I can begin working on the next one to go.

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