Sunday, December 22, 2013

Difficulties Caused by Honolulu

So you live in Kapolei area and are forced to work and play in the Great City of Honolulu. (the traffic on Saturday night is horrible.) And there is no dancing in the Kapolei area at all. (Illegal?) I don't think so. Now the Present Rail Party doesn't know it, but they have forced everyone to think of alternative ways from the Rail Calamity.

Hey man, you gotta step on that brake pedal a little harder. The Present Rail Party guarantees that it cannot happen here. And we know how truthful they are.

A new automobile is being accepted by most, there will be more traffic on the freeways, but one must think of the gasoline expense. A new item is coming to the forefront, the EV (the electric vehicle.) The promotion is coming from all sides. The latest being Hawaiian Electric and their recommendations of charging your batteries in the "off peak" hours of 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

That certainly means that night spots are going to be promoting charging stations at all parking lots. You can be charging your batteries at a very low cost while having a ball dancing up a storm. And some shopping centers are already setting up free charging stations because they are fully aware of what is coming. People are going to do everything and anything they can to avoid the Rail Mess.

The Rail Catastrophe? Wha' dat? I don't deal wid'em. Gotta do sumteen.

Then next year the first driverless cars will arrive. Gas or Electric but most will be electric. Get in your car at home in Kapolei area with your tray of breakfast. Turn the key on and say, "Office, James." The car programmed for the route will get you from your house to the freeway taking its time and being careful. On the freeway, it will stay a respectable distance from all cars front and sides.

You can eat your breakfast at your leisure, look at the morning news on your TV, call or answer your phone and perhaps read a magazine. In town it will know where your place of work is, and park itself in an open stall. You can turn off the key, and say "Thanks, James" if you wish.

San Francisco with Rail Mess and after they tore it down.

Then the new motorbikes coming. It will be tough to get from Pearl City to Aiea. They want you to take the feeder bus to the Rail Mess, then take the Rail Goop to town, then get off at the Aiea station and get the feeder bus to Aiea. No worry, the Present Rail Party is having a special meeting next week. Subject: "There has got to be a more difficult method of doing this." And maybe a few more bucks in it. You know they are all heart.