Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Night Life In Kapolei

Second City has been moving slowly but now has more than seven places in the vicinity where you can have an alcoholic drink. It will take time, and everyone knows that the Rail Disaster is not going to do anyone any good. Many people are making an effort to make it second city in spite of the Present Rail Party.

"The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings
can alter their lives by altering their attitude."
So far the best one leading the way is The Hideaway Club at Barbers Point which is classified as a Sports Bar. Opened regularly at 3 pm, closed at 10 Monday - Thursday and 2 am on Friday - Sun. About right and they have DJ and Live music available. They also state that the place is good for dancing so I may have to drop in someday and check them out. There must be some potential dancers around.

From the Internet, Sarah K. said: "The best happy hour special on west side! Every day there are drink specials.   Monday: $3 All domestic bottles $5 fruit tinis $6 Grey Goose Tuesday: $4 1800 $3/glass $10/pitcher PBR  Wednesday: $5 Washington Apple $6 Three Olive Vodka…"

For all the dancers in the West, we must find the places for a little night life and dance, of course. And do what we can so that we are not forced to go into town for everything.  Fine when we want to, but not when we are forced into it. Like when the Present Rail Party forces the users into drastic circumstances. Their intent is to force the users to their specifications and make millions in profits.