Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's Coming Around

As much as I am supposed to know, I have been very pleasantly relieved that this blog is turning out better than I thought and in Kapolei the Creative Researchers And Producers are not getting in the way. Terrific and I am so grateful for those that have opted for a counter in spite of robot hits. Yes, I know of the Robot hits. Awful.

"The biggest liar in the world is They Say."

I have been making a pretty good investigation of web and blog communications in Hawaii and coming up with some solid stats. I will take a back seat for no one. I am always willing to listen but no one can look down their nose and give me their sage advice. Though many do not have counters (cannot blame them) those that do, provide fairly good feedback for everyone. The entire enchilada is evolving.

"Young At Heart" by Frank Sinatra

What we have here in this Kapolei sector is dancers. However they marginalized themselves and most dance in downtown Honolulu. Now with the Rail Calamity coming in we must think about Kapolei and vicinity. Hopefully we can live, work and play in this sector in spite of the Present Rail Party. The Rail Disaster is for someone else. But there will be a place to dance, sooner or later.

Waianae has dancers and they also go to downtown Honolulu. Now with the
Rail Mess getting worse we gotta do something.

Kapolei usually includes Makakilo and Honokai Hale but now we must also include Barber's Point and Kalealoa. How about Ewa Beach? Sounds good to me. The West is coalescing. We will have a Night Life close by, not in downtown Honolulu. The traffic on Saturdays nights is horrible.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Amazing Kapolei, Getting Readers

Torso, Knees and Feet
By Jim Cane (from Dance Action)

You sit and wonder why you don't have the extra oomph in your dancing. You observe dancers floating through space and time and they stand out like a sore thumb on the dance floor.

"Some days you have to create your own sunshine. When you need
something to believe in, start with yourself."

It is not their collection of step variations. These skilled dancers appear to be floating, by moving their bodies first, in advance of their feet movement. Floating the body is what dancing is all about not the steps.

Move your body easily without bumps before your feet move. You must involve your torso, knees and feet. From a standing position allow your knees to sway forward (whether moving forward or backward) then let your body move, then your legs join the action. Repeat from the next leg etc. Flexing the knees contribute to a softer action. Try it!

"Let Her In" by John Travolta

When moving backward you must keep your body up toward the person moving forward and as you feel the light pressure of the forward movement, travel back with it. Don't put your body away or don't resist so much that you feel like a brick wall.

If the backward travel was expected correctly, the body should travel vertically from the original position and will again be settled comfortably over the feet without any strain or contortion of the body in transition.

Applying these techniques, not hard study, just having fun doing it over and over again, You will come to understand the basics of all movement and become a smoother dancer, a real social dancer.

Q: What goes in Dry, Pink & Hard and comes out Wet,
Pink and Soft? ~ A: Gotcha, - Bubble Gum.

Any Mardi Gras this week in Barber's Point? 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mardi Gras

In just the last few years, Honolulu has been moving the “Mardi Gras Ball.” Would be nice as an early entree to the pleasurable traditions of Mardi Gras in the Mainland, including a New Orleans trademark grouping — the krewe. Last year they had a Mardi Gras block party.

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."

This year Honolulu has called party-loving and community-minded friends to join in Honolulu’s first krewe. In the absurdist tradition of Mardi Gras, these trendsetters are calling themselves Krewe of Da Kine at the Manifest in Chinatown.

With notable socialites and event organizers in the bunch, this should give a bump to the proceedings. In Kapolei this will not happen until next year. Perhaps see more krewes form, even going so far as taking over the process of creating a Kapolei float for the Carnival. With Chinatown establishments, arts groups and social clubs as natural participants, Mardi Gras in jumping in town.

Next year we may have complete carnaval in Kapolei and not have to worry about the Rail Humbug or the Honolulu Traffic Jams. And I met someone that may try something new.  A Night Club with a large screen where the band would sit and the music for the dance would be on video. The entire musical ensemble and the singer. Wow!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Blogging is now 20 years old. It took off in the 90s with the development of consumer broadband in Europe and the US. It is now also all over the world. In our dance circles it has been overlooked mainly because of the advent of International Style of Dance and the opening of the new Palladium.

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it,
but in the end, there it is."

There was a renewed interest in ordinary newspaper advertising, newsletters and of course, the utmost decoration of the time, the Web Site. But blogging has persisted and by now it is understood to be the dominant form of media all over.

I have sought out the opinion of respected bloggers throughout the internet. I specifically wanted to know about the future of blogging and the benefits people experienced from blogging.

"Wheel Of Fortune" by Kay Starr

The results have been quite varied. The business of blogging involves learning, professional and personal development, networking and profile. It is still evolving but for those individuals and organizations that are prepared to invest the effort it has a strong future.

Ours are very simple blogs and I have shared my findings with our dance blog readers regularly. And giving them the information by the spoonful and not the entire bowl. That is why the importance of the Two Centers and eventually the Guest Authors. But for those interested in more detail and expanse they can find it easily on the Internet.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Progress? No!

The Rail Catastrophe is going badly on everybody all around. The replicas of the rail cars are nice to see but no one is interested in paying monthly fees at the Rail Stations and going through all that humbug in those pretty little cars, to get to a place that you use to get to in half the time and little humbug.

"Truth never lost ground by inquiry."

With the latest estimate going to Ten Billion dollars, Property taxes will double. Rents in Kapolei will go through the ceiling. The Present Rail Party will rejoice all the way to the bank. Millions in Profits from the Rail Disaster.

They say that no one will be able to afford a Night Club in Kapolei, So we may have to party in tents in an industrial park nearby. It is being done where the rents have gone into the stratosphere. And we gotta do sumteeng.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

Honolulu People must control all of it and the Present Rail Party will do every thing possible to slow down second city. All their methods are how to "force' the users to use the Rail. Even the buses nowadays are all messed up. Who's fault? Ha. Remember the old days when it was for the people, and not for the big boys. It's the bread, Fred.

Cheer up folks, the worst is yet to come

Friday, February 14, 2014

Professional Dance Studios

Generally, professional dance studios come in three sizes:

Social Dancer: That is, a person wanting to learn to dance socially with most of their own friends. And able to mix with other dancers on a recreational level in a public environment.

"Yesterday" by the Beatles

Competition or Show Business: This is for those wanting to know the more exact form that would be judged in a Competition. And also for those that would like to get into the show business aspects, such as in theatrical, cabaret and acrobatic dancing.

"Rags To Riches" by Tony Bennett

Teachers Of Dancing: Some would like to dedicate their lives to helping others learn and enjoy dancing. They would be willing to work at it as in most other professions and many studios offer on the job training.

"The Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page

With the Rail Disaster comng, more cars and terrible traffic in town, parking prices going up, Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Kapolei is overdue. Arthur Murray Studios have been doing fine for decades in town and the outskirts in Kailua called and they are doing just fine over there too. Dream to Dance Studios making a smart move outside the high traffic area into a nice part of Kalihi and people are going to find it much easier to attend. There is a definite place for the Professional Dance Studio in the West.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we are still trying to get some information (photos too) for publication in our blogs. Waianae section still dozing. We just have to be patient. The happiest reader/dancers and the unhappiest reader/dancers are our most valuable Two - Centers. And their tremendous value is the fact, that they have their own unique opinion.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Crummy bus service and with the Rail Catastrophe it is going to get worse. Gotta do sumteeng and dancing is not helping. Fortunately, North Shore Electric Bikeway launched a new electric bike share out of the Cafe for Contemporary Arts.

"Nothing travels faster than light, with the possible exception of bad news,
which follows its own rules."

How it works: Similar to the car2go scheme, users can register online, paying $500 for an all-you-can-ride annual membership or $200 per year for a pay-as-you-go service, which will cost $75 for the first half-hour and $1.50 for the second.

The Electric bikes have an integrated electric motor, which can be used to assist the rider’s pedal-power. There are many different types of e-bikes available. If a cyclist is using full effort to power up a hill, for instance, and the e-bike multiplies that force by 180 times, they only need to use 30 per cent of their force to make the climb.

The Articulated Bus, enough of them could have solved the problem for
the entire island, but we all know, it's the bread, Fred. Millions and
Millions of dollars in Rail Mess profits by whom? Ha Ha.
The fleet: Five GPS-located electric bikes will be available initially, serving about 100 registered riders, with an estimated 100 bikes by the end of summer to serve an anticipated 1,000 users. Riders can locate a bike via text message or a mobile app. Caf├ęs and other community-oriented businesses and organizations will provide the bulk of the stations, which are expected to number at least 15 in the Lower Lonsdale area. The stations will be GPS-defined areas with a standard bike rack.

Pub's Side Note: Next the introduction of the Solar battery charger. That Rail Crisis wants to force people onto the Rail Mess which is one big humbug, but it is forcing people to look for other means. We coulda had a real transportation system.  Anything but the Rail Calamity, it is not needed by the users and bad enough that the property owners have to pay through the nose for it. Millions and Millions of dollars in profits. Estimates have gone up to Ten Billion Dollars. It's the money, Sonny.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Like

I include this only because I just found out that the Present Rail Party doesn't like any of this crap, they are interested only in the money, Sonny.

The Prayer:
I ask You to bless my friends, relatives and those that I care deeply for, who are reading this right now - Show them a new revelation of Your love and power - Holy Spirit, I ask You to minister to their spirit at this very moment - Where there is pain, give them Your peace and mercy - here there is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence through Your grace - Where there is need, I ask you to fulfill their needs - Bless their homes, families, finances, their goings and their comings.

The Neighborhood board of Makakilo, Kapolei and Honokai Hale are probably the best thinking people on this Island and cannot be bought. These are the good ones and they are hard to find. They are willing to help businesses establish themselves in the area for the benefit of everyone, not just the Big Bucks like you know who.

"Young At Heart" by Frank Sinatra

In the Western Part of this Island, things are evolving very nicely from the good examples of everywhere else. Some women and some men come with intentions to dance with anyone and everyone. It is just beautiful when they meet and dance with each other. And it doesn't have to be in any of the peripherals. It can be and is happening every day in our dance crowd in the West. Is anyone out there picking up on this action?

"Tennesse Waltz" by Patti Page

Of course, our dance blogs are not for everyone. We sincerely believe that everyone should read whatever they damn well please. But even though the increase in average hits per day on our blogs has slowed down, they are still going on the way up.  Computer challenged? Take it slow, I am patient and we are getting there.

The main thing to get this entire enchilada into social media via the Two Center. Once we can get those going, there is no stopping us. Most of our potential readers just  do not know at present.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Da Latest

It is amazing how well Kapolei is doing in spite of the Rail Disaster and the horrible happenings in the Pearl City area. Auwe. But I hear more people in favor of stopping the bleeding of billions of dollars of something that will not do the residents any good.

"None of us are finished products. We live and learn every day."

Makakilo, Kapolei and Honokai Hale are unifying very nicely. Could eventually be the real second city in spite of the Present Rail Party from downtown Honolulu. The entire Waianae Coast would benefit even if they are considered second class citizens today.

On the Internet for lease in Kapolei. 72000 square feet, @50 cts ft. Present Rail Party trying to keep it secret. How many employee cars would be missing to, from and in Honolulu? More people in this area are waking up. "And I coulda been home in 20 minutes." With the Rail Fiasco, it is going to take longer to get to Honolulu than at present. But somebody has got to make the Big Bucks in Profits. New estimates up to ten billion dollars. Taxes? Ho Ho Ho. It's the dough, Flo.

"She's Not There" by the Zombies

Kapolei Medical Park Building needs more tenents. Need medical?
It can be just a few minutes away, no need go downtown.

"Rags To Riches" by Tony Bennett

 Such a beautiful place now, but this is what it will look like after the Rail Catastrophe, plus the humbug of Rail Stations. But the Big Bucks in Profits. Auwe.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Year Looking Good

The only blight on the horizon is the horrible Rail Disaster. Already screwing up the works in the Pearl City area and they are just getting started. But the Big Bucks in Profits mean everything to some. The residents of these communities be damned. The Users? Worth even less. It's the dough, Moe.

Know Then Thyself
By Alexander Pope (1700s)

Know then thyself, presume not God to Scan.
The proper study of Mankind is Man.
Placed on this isthmus of a middle state,
A being darkly wise and rudely great.

With too much knowledge for the Sceptic side,
With too much weakness for the Stoic’s pride.
He hangs between, in doubt to act or rest,
In doubt to deem himself a God or Beast,

In doubt his mind or body to prefer;
Born but to die, and reasoning but to err,
Alike in ignorance his reason such,
Whether he thinks too little or too much,

Chaos of Thought and Passion, all confused,
Still by himself, abused or disabused.
Created half to rise, and half to fall,
Great Lord of all things and yet a prey to all

Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurled.
The Glory, Jest and Riddle of the World.

Calvin and Hobbes doing the new Kapolei Stomp

In Kapolei? We can dream can't we?

We have two column blogs for downtown, with only one side bar and it seems to be working out allright, within its limitations. However all the other blogs have three columns, a side bar on each side allowing for additional public relations posters.

Please let me know if you have a preferences. I do not know how far I can go. No one else does either. So I am hacking my way into jungles in which I have never been into before.