Monday, February 24, 2014

Amazing Kapolei, Getting Readers

Torso, Knees and Feet
By Jim Cane (from Dance Action)

You sit and wonder why you don't have the extra oomph in your dancing. You observe dancers floating through space and time and they stand out like a sore thumb on the dance floor.

"Some days you have to create your own sunshine. When you need
something to believe in, start with yourself."

It is not their collection of step variations. These skilled dancers appear to be floating, by moving their bodies first, in advance of their feet movement. Floating the body is what dancing is all about not the steps.

Move your body easily without bumps before your feet move. You must involve your torso, knees and feet. From a standing position allow your knees to sway forward (whether moving forward or backward) then let your body move, then your legs join the action. Repeat from the next leg etc. Flexing the knees contribute to a softer action. Try it!

"Let Her In" by John Travolta

When moving backward you must keep your body up toward the person moving forward and as you feel the light pressure of the forward movement, travel back with it. Don't put your body away or don't resist so much that you feel like a brick wall.

If the backward travel was expected correctly, the body should travel vertically from the original position and will again be settled comfortably over the feet without any strain or contortion of the body in transition.

Applying these techniques, not hard study, just having fun doing it over and over again, You will come to understand the basics of all movement and become a smoother dancer, a real social dancer.

Q: What goes in Dry, Pink & Hard and comes out Wet,
Pink and Soft? ~ A: Gotcha, - Bubble Gum.

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