Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's Coming Around

As much as I am supposed to know, I have been very pleasantly relieved that this blog is turning out better than I thought and in Kapolei the Creative Researchers And Producers are not getting in the way. Terrific and I am so grateful for those that have opted for a counter in spite of robot hits. Yes, I know of the Robot hits. Awful.

"The biggest liar in the world is They Say."

I have been making a pretty good investigation of web and blog communications in Hawaii and coming up with some solid stats. I will take a back seat for no one. I am always willing to listen but no one can look down their nose and give me their sage advice. Though many do not have counters (cannot blame them) those that do, provide fairly good feedback for everyone. The entire enchilada is evolving.

"Young At Heart" by Frank Sinatra

What we have here in this Kapolei sector is dancers. However they marginalized themselves and most dance in downtown Honolulu. Now with the Rail Calamity coming in we must think about Kapolei and vicinity. Hopefully we can live, work and play in this sector in spite of the Present Rail Party. The Rail Disaster is for someone else. But there will be a place to dance, sooner or later.

Waianae has dancers and they also go to downtown Honolulu. Now with the
Rail Mess getting worse we gotta do something.

Kapolei usually includes Makakilo and Honokai Hale but now we must also include Barber's Point and Kalealoa. How about Ewa Beach? Sounds good to me. The West is coalescing. We will have a Night Life close by, not in downtown Honolulu. The traffic on Saturdays nights is horrible.

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