Friday, February 14, 2014

Professional Dance Studios

Generally, professional dance studios come in three sizes:

Social Dancer: That is, a person wanting to learn to dance socially with most of their own friends. And able to mix with other dancers on a recreational level in a public environment.

"Yesterday" by the Beatles

Competition or Show Business: This is for those wanting to know the more exact form that would be judged in a Competition. And also for those that would like to get into the show business aspects, such as in theatrical, cabaret and acrobatic dancing.

"Rags To Riches" by Tony Bennett

Teachers Of Dancing: Some would like to dedicate their lives to helping others learn and enjoy dancing. They would be willing to work at it as in most other professions and many studios offer on the job training.

"The Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page

With the Rail Disaster comng, more cars and terrible traffic in town, parking prices going up, Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Kapolei is overdue. Arthur Murray Studios have been doing fine for decades in town and the outskirts in Kailua called and they are doing just fine over there too. Dream to Dance Studios making a smart move outside the high traffic area into a nice part of Kalihi and people are going to find it much easier to attend. There is a definite place for the Professional Dance Studio in the West.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we are still trying to get some information (photos too) for publication in our blogs. Waianae section still dozing. We just have to be patient. The happiest reader/dancers and the unhappiest reader/dancers are our most valuable Two - Centers. And their tremendous value is the fact, that they have their own unique opinion.

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