Friday, March 14, 2014

Men Dancing, It's Illegal?

By William Fong, Ewa Beach

Ten thousand years ago only men danced, then we got civilized and men slowed down in dancing. Somewhere along the line, they have learned to feel as if they have two left feet. The concept of moving gracefully is not a part of their self-image. Learning to dance is way out of their comfort zone. That is for most men. Some men simply accepted it as an acquired gift, going back to the Sun King of France.

"All children are dancers.  The problem is how to remain dancers
once they grow up."

I felt this in my youth, despite my strong desire to flow across the dance floor like Gene Kelly. The feelings of awkwardness persisted and I had little control over my body. But in my forties when I began to slow down physically, I discovered something about Line dancing.

In spite of my slopping learning, I could learn, along with everyone else, the appreciation of the music, the timing, the rhythms and the steps of the different dances. With time I could relax and move my body as I pleased and whichever way I wanted and simply enjoyed my movements to the music.

"Suspicious Minds" by Elvis Presley

Later on in partner dancing, I found the way to experience touch, to interact with another person safely. I learned to be comfortable dancing in sync with my partner and leading. I will never participate in a competition. I feel no need for it. But the need to enjoy my music in movement will be there until the day I die.

It can be the start of a wonderful adventure. You revel in the music and your body as your coordination grows along with the feeling of freedom moving around the floor. It was not always easy, but there are too many men out there that a missing a very good thing.
Bill Fong

"With A Song In My Heart" by Al Martino