Sunday, March 2, 2014

Slowly it Moves.

Kapolei people were the first big group to realize that commuting time door to door is definitely not Rapid Transit with the Rail Disaster. There are many people that live now at most a few blocks from the #94 express bus going to Manoa. They can get it at six in the AM and get there by seven. The Rail Catastrophe will never beat that in a million years.

Check it out. Of course the plans are to cut that bus out as soon as possible and forcing the people into using the Rail. That is the Present Rail Party. Millions and Millions of dollars in projected profits. It's the loot, Klute. Rapid Transit has been part of their Con Job all along.

The Beautiful Industrial Park. The residents that live nearby worship the very ground. Hundreds of cars missing from the freeways to and from town and contributing to the traffic miseries. And "I coulda got home in 20 minutes."

We sure need a Night life in the west and get closer to being Second City. Something like Dot's in Wahiawa. Would fit in very nicely in the Industrial Park.
(the noise) Everything starts out as a dream.

Pub's Side Note: And yes, we still need the most important ones, the information and photo contributors. They are the ones that will make this a true blog.

  "In Computing: When the going gets tough, upgrade."

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