Monday, March 31, 2014

Bars in Kapolei

For the drinking folk out there, all eight of you. I have been looking and so far the friendliest seems to be Chili's, actually a Bar and Restaurant. Then the Suck'em Up Lounge seems to have high recommendations. Would be nice to drop in one of these days.

It says it is also a NightClub so it looks promising. We are going to have a
Night Life in the West and minimize going through horrors to Honolulu.

Then the three wheeler is coming to town.

$6800 sticker price. We all know the humbug on the Rail Disaster is not going to do us any good. The Bus situation is in terrible shape and the Present Rail Party is going to make sure it gets worse. They intend to use every method to force us to use their Rail Mess. Just to make those millions and millions of dollars in profits. But we gotta do something. The electrics will come in and with them the solar battery chargers, terrific.

Oh Boy! And with an Industrial Park here and there, Kapolei will be second city in spite of the Present Rail Party. Wow, let us hope.