Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Getting Settled.

Kapolei is picking up on night life slowly but surely. The area between Kapolei and Kalealoa is looking very promising I will have to take a look-see around there. Take my bike on the C bus to Kapolei and get the 41 to Ewa Beach. Will get me close enough to look around, there are three or four oasis in close vicinity and one of them could develop into a dance club. Maybe.  I will case the joints.

 "Accept the things you cannot change. If you find one
that you can and want to change - change it."

There seem to be many motor scooters so that many seem to be aware that public transportation may not be so good. Actually the #41 is a very good clean bus, nice schedule, never crowded, careful drivers, good fellow passengers. Beats the #40 all to hell, also known as the "Cattle Car."

  "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees

And what happened to the T Spot? It seemed to be a nice bar and they had live music at times. Of course, not so good that at time it was rented for the night so, any regular customers had to go somewhere else. Now closed and not much action in town. Most drinking places are mainly dinner restaurants.

Many people seem interested in dancing but just have not been able to coalesce into a separate public dance club. It would have to be our kind of social dance. Ewa Beach has had some kind of dancing groups and Barber's Point too when it was strictly Military.

"Practice makes perfect" is a nice quote but then nobody is perfect so
what’s the point of practicing? Oh, you say those dancers are perfect?
 Sorry, my mistake, but what the hell do I know?