Monday, April 21, 2014

Kapolei Working on it.

Apparently Second City will be difficult but not impossible. People are beginning to wake up. Westside Stories, the Waianae Coast monthly publication also has a Facebook account and they have plenty of Kapolei organizations mentioned. And of course we try to get in whatever we can get to help too. We prefer dancers but anything that will help the entire sector find ways of doing business in the West. Public transportation will be a complete disaster area and a lost cause. The users will do everything they can to avoid it.

"Sometimes we just gotta bumble forward into the unknown."

Kapolei can learn from Lualualei that is getting an Industrial Park built nearby. In Lualualei, minimum wage is worth ten times what it is worth in Honolulu and you don't have to spend half of your life dedicated to a job in Honolulu. All those cars missing from the freeway to, from and in Honolulu Traffic. Can spend a little time with the family and make Lualualei a real Paradise. We are talking about the people. not big bucks in profits.

You are going to see more of these. The streets will be so crowded, because of the public transportation disaster, you will not be able to go very fast. These all-steel beauties come loaded with all the trimmings: windscreen, locking glovebox, crashbar, luggage rack, rain hood and more! This sidecar even has its own great suspension, offering a surprisingly comfortable ride. You can take another person or there is plenty room for a few bags of groceries. A case of beer?

Warning: Don't get a sidecar if you don't like talking to people, because EVERYONE will want to ask you about it!

Dance Waianae the blog is now ahead of Kapolei Social Dance in hits. They are thinking in terms of a self contained Third City without any big Razzmatazz.

There are plenty of people out there in the vicinity with their own opinions. These are "Two Centers" and very valuable for these blogs. That unique opinion has high value to the reader/dancers and with a couple of photos of the dance gang, Wow! Where else you gonna get it? Just email it in.