Monday, April 14, 2014


The Present Rail Party doing all it can to stop Second City on Oahu. So how will traffic congestion increase with a rail system? Honolulu's The Bus system had been honored twice by the American Public Transportation Association with the title of "America's Best Transit System" for 1994–1995 and 2000–2001.

"It is not that people are against you. It is that they are for themselves."

But the City administrations of that time were thinking for the good of the citizens. The Bus operates 107 routes serving Honolulu and most areas on Oahu with a fleet of 531 buses. Honolulu had ranked 4th for highest per-capita use of mass transit in the United States. They could have done wonders with more articulated buses, but "comfortable" has been deleted in all the Present Rail Party manuals.

Enough of these Articulated Buses could almost have done the job at one tenth the cost, and ten times more efficient than the Rail Monstrousity.

So won’t bus riders just begin taking the train? Some will have no choice. But that’s not going to cut traffic congestion, because in order to do that you’ve got to convince those who are driving their cars now to get onto the train. And you are not going to that with all the humbug the Rail Catastrophe will be creating. "I coulda got the bus right around the corner."

The Bi-Articulated Buses, a couple in the morning and a couple in the evening would be all it takes. But the Big Bucks in Profits would not be there.

Instead of the current bus system that delivers riders close to their final destinations, the rail will be dropping large groups of riders in certain areas that are still far from where they want to go. Traffic will bunch up in those areas as people look for buses, taxis, or another way to get to their destinations. It is going to be one big horrible mess and rail planners will need to deal with the problem of increased traffic congestion as a result of the rail calamity. But for now, it's the money, Sonny, it's the bread, Fred. Billions of dollars in profits.

And then there was that beautiful Industrial Park in the Ewa Plain. voted down by the Present Rail Party, naturally.