Saturday, May 31, 2014

Second City In Sight?

Kapolei area is waking up very nicely in spite of the Rail Catastrophe hoopla. At first I thought it would be Barber's Point area but for too long it has been military. Kalealoa is looking to be the best fun area in the Southwest Shore.

When nothing goes right, Go left.

The beautiful Industrial Park proposed for Ewa Beach, voted down by the
Present Rail Party, naturally. Hundreds of cars missing from the freeway
to and from Honolulu. Also missing from the terrible Honolulu traffic.

Ewa Beach is taking on a bad odor from the gangster politicians out for the money and the hell with the people. Right now, in this day and age you can get the express bus in Ewa Beach and be in downtown within an hour. With the Rail Disaster it will take two hours. Check it out, that is what they have conned the people into thinking is Rapid Transit. Auwe. The Politicians? "It is a necessity." You can tell there is a ventriloquist somewhere.

Four car trains in the new plans now, twice the size. What is the commission on one car? They have no idea that there will be a lot less people riding them. Therefore instead of every half hour, it will be every hour. How about that? So if the train doesn't come that frequently and if you miss the train, you have to wait another hour for the next one. I would seriously consider the bus just on that point alone but they are going to make sure you cannot get a bus. They are taking us a little at a time. But it's the bread, Fred.

There are already at least five good watering oasis in the vicinity, with nice people, a drinking environment, happy hours, and some with live music, Just waiting for the one with a nice dance floor. Easy access from Waianae, down the Coast. Also from Wahiawa, and down the valley. The entire shebang shaping up to be a lot better than going through all those hassles to get to town. And from what we hear, much more fun. And for many, "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cross Body Lead

By John Yamanaka, Kalealoa

There was always a very pleasant 180 degree left turn (in Spanish called la media vuelta.) The right music and the right time and it is just pleasant as heaven. But of course, the aficionados are always looking for something new. How about a little fancier "half left turn?" A natural was the Cross Body Lead which since has become a basic and can be done in any dance. In Ballet? You'd bettah believut. I said "any" dance. It is just a easy basic movement. Just don't try it in International.

"Here In My Heart" by Al Martino

In a normal hold the man opens the way for the lady by turning to his left by 90°and leads her forward across him. The lady walks the basic steps across, does a half left turn and ends up facing her partner and the opposite direction she was facing to start with. At the same time, the man does another quarter left turn in order to face the lady. At the end of the action, the dancers have reversed their original directions and we all know how pleasant that can be.

From the Test Book, the Cross Body Lead

Yet another essential part of the dancer's repertoire, the Cross Body Lead is a turning version of the basic step, giving dancers more liberty to move freely around the dance floor.The Cross Body Lead is normally danced with a total of 1/2 turn to the left, but most interesting is the difference of timing between the man and lady's turn:

The man will first turn away from the lady, and she will turn later. This results in the lady passing briefly in front of the man, giving the Cross Body Lead its name. The man turns away from lady, leading her to dance in front of his body from his right side to his left.

As an alternative to the basic closed position, the Cross Body Lead can also be danced in open facing position using a one or two-hand hold. At this point you could be a very nice dancer.

Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

South West Shore

I asked and no one has ever heard of the SouthWest Shore. Maybe there ain't none. But I have been looking around and I found the SouthWest Shore of Oahu. And it is beginning to move, now that everyone has been threatened with the Rail Disaster. There will be dancing, from Barber's Point to Ewa Beach, just you wait and see.

"First you must learn the rules of the game.
Then you have to try to play better than the others."

In this post I always share a number of tips with you that will help you plan your content when you decide to get your two cents in. And get some great results and perhaps become an Invited Writer.  A photo is the key, then a few words to go with it and you have a great beginning. The rest of it will just come naturally.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

You will be able to talk it over with your own personal readers and dive into new features which will be suggested by your influencers in your niche. You may start at once a month but your fellow reader/dancers will probably ask for at least twice a month. At any rate it will remain your own decision, in effect it will be evolve into your own blog within a blog. You will do with it as you please and you will share the readers of the blog with your fellow bloggers..

Pub's Side Note: Some of the wheels in the dance community have to be dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I will not do that. If they do not want it they shall not have it. But the sign on the door I leave open still says welcome.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moving Slow

The blogs are just plodding along. I am pretty sure we are close to the point of diminishing returns. And the solution, as far as my studies have carried me, is in the Two Centers. Of course, the Invited Writers would be better but everyone is afraid of the commitment. There is no commitment, at least to the Blog. Perhaps to your developed readers but that is entirely up to you, and them.

"Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it.
The time will pass anyway."

This blog has hits in the daily average of middle twenties and on its way to the magic 34 hits per day, (1000 per month.) So the new people in this blog will not be getting a dud. And with every new addition they will be getting closer to independence and probably run the hits up through the roof.

"Sunrise, Sunset" by Perry Como

As per usual, the participants will do mostly as they please within the few parameters set by the Administrators. Sorry, no porn permitted. But generally they may write whenever they damn well please. Hopefully it will be on dancing, a new dance club, night club, dance studio. Most everyone understands without much explanation. Our intentions are simple. A more acceptable environment for the dancers.

"I dream of a better tomorrow…
where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned."

Saturday, May 17, 2014


From Blogging Hawaii:
The Information and Photo Contributor also known as the Two Center

I thank you for your interest in contributing content to any one of our blogs. I appreciate your participation, and I want to make things as easy as possible for you to share your awesome content with us. Even from the ones who tell me they have something to say and once off their chests they do not want any further commitments. I say thank you anyway, every little bit counts. And all the blogs will be different.

"The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to somebody,
is the time to absolutely and utterly walk away."

So what’s it like being a Two Center? Basically it has been defined by many others many years ago, They were just willing to "stick their 2 cents in" for benefit of their fellow dancers. And they are willing to do so regularly. How regularly? Entirely up to them. Social Dance Club or Dance Studio affiliation has no bearing on the matter as far as we are concerned.

"Green Eyes" by Jimmy Dorsey

My goal is to make it fun, beneficial, and easy for everyone. From the reader/dancers point of view, it is having the benefit of so many private independent opinions given in honesty and not as gossip. You will be able to grow and share your expertise on dancing experience, health and creativity with a lot of people.

Being a contributor automatically makes them eligible to be an Invited Writer, able to create their own blog within any blog of their choosing. It comes with their ready made readers and that comes any time they think they are ready. There is no registration required and no registration fees. There are no annual or monthly meetings or dues. And they may contribute whatever and whenever they wish.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

I hope I am not being too strict but we will have Social Media. And ultimately, the blog will be ready for independence. Town Dance is just about ready. A couple of steady Invited Writers and they will be ready to go. The best blogs will become independent and the junk blogs will remain mine.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Second City is Overdue

Wow, that Rail Catastrophe has already made a big negative impact on West Oahu. The East is enjoying every minute of the disaster, but they don't yet know they are going to pay through the nose for that joke. And one thing even better yet. The growth in everyone's thinking of "Kapolei as Second City." But we mean really Second City not as suburbia Honolulu. Oh boy, it's coming.

If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it.
If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.
If you do not step forward, you will always be the same place.

The Waianane  Coast is growing more "Kapolei as Second City" and they know the benefits to the Waianae Coast. Live, work and play in West Oahu. No 14 hour work days. Less traffic, easy parking and all in our Second City. Honolulu? We could visit like other tourists, every six months or so. Why not?

"White Sandy Beach" by Bruddah Iz

The Dance Studio with the night club combo will come and the dancers will have a choice, There will be a new Dance Club before the year is out. And there may be a small industrial park development if the Present Rail Party doesn't veto it. It is West Oahu, if the citizens are not shut out of it by the powers that be. But they got the money, Sonny. It's may be the bread, Fred.

Meanwhile, take a look see at the latest Town Dancer blog. Calvin and Debra Ota with Jackson Cho photos, of a very good shindig at the Palladium of the Ilima Dance Club. Something we can look forward to see some day in West Oahu. Second City may come to to pass, really.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Not many dances on Mother's Day, most are expected to be celebrated rather quietly. So all we can do is wish them all a very Happy Mother's Day and hopefully for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile Kapolei Social Dance the blog keeps going on very nicely. It has been truly amazing that it is doing as well as it is. I can only imagine what will happen when we get the first regular Two Center. Wow!

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished
by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.”
I expect to get some better news this month as to the coming night club, dance studio or social dance club. We are overdue but we must be patient. That Rail Disaster is goofing up the works all over the place.

"How High The Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

As in any endeavor to do anything, I invite everyone to it. Then "they" make the decision of joining or not joining. But it must be understood that "they" have made that decision and many will have made that decision for their entire groups or whatevah. And to be ignored is a very loud and clear statement. Should be easy to understand. I have things to do and I must to be on my way. Everyone seems to understand that.

He knows what he is talking about we don't have to go into any deep philosophies.

"Better is the poor man who walks in his own integrity than the rich man
that is crooked in his ways." ~ Proberbs 28:6

Friday, May 9, 2014

The New Dance Club

So far all indications are pointing to Ewa Beach and Kalealoa. One of those will have enough people to begin the organization and find the location (which is admittedly very difficult.) In the last 20 years Ewa Beach has had at least a half a dozen attempts and they all fizzled out, it was fairly easy and common place to go to Pearl City and Salt Lake. But now with the Rail Catastrophe messing everything up, they have to find a way to avoid going out of their comfort zone.

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it,
ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."

Will it be in Kalealoa or Ewa Beach?

Then many are beginning to understand that if they must get to town, they must get their own personal transportation. The electric car is showing much promise. This information comes all the way down from Makaha to Ewa. The difference in time travel will be double with advertised "Rail Rapid Transit." Whatta Con Job! That is understood to be their definition of "Rapid Transit."

Come with two solar charging battery packs. Every morning just pull the old out
and put a new one in. Gas Cost? Zero.

Look it up, right now, Ewa Beach to Manoa, One Hour. Really, I am not kidding. And find out how long it will take with the feeder buses to and from the rail station and all the humbug that goes with it. Twice as long. Ha! The only beneficiaries are the one making the billions of dollars in profits in the construction. Minimum wage on the Rail Disaster? Find out, Ridiculous. College Grads don't get that much. Double the property taxes? Lucky You.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Looking over the terrain in the Western part of this island and it is now becoming clearer that the spearhead points towards Barber's Point. The areas all around will be the most wide open spots in the Kapolei area. Ewa Beach around Barber's Point to Honokai Hale and down to Ewa.

The most likely place for a new open dance club for the adult social dancer and they may do very well if they recognize the help a blog such as this can do. They would probably start out with the American Style of dance which is very acceptable in the West. Then if they can concentrate on getting a varied group according to residential locations, from all over, it will make a good compatible base.

We are well aware of the content that is working well for others. And also well aware of what is messing up the works. This research is extremely important and when planning your content it can give you a huge advantage. Quite simply, you can look at the content that is performing best for them and understand the similarities between the best and the use of blog postings.

"Three Coins In The Fountain" by the Four Aces

There are a number of ways to understand what is performing best, and most people are able to look for it and recognize it. We got the people with the abilities that is for sure. And as always, yes is very nice. Even no is acceptable because you may change your mind. If I am ignored, then I must respect and never, ever get in the way.

Pub's Side Note: For those that can't dance Latin. Learn to spell you name in the air with your bum. That is one hellava good start.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Terrific People Here

We seem to be getting some good people interested in getting the information out to the reader/dancers. Take it slow, when you are ready is fine. That will be your viewpoint and very necessary for the good of the entire dance community. Do I have to agree with everything you cover? Of course not. To each his own. And those differing opinions are what will make this real Social Media. We need many more.

"If we don't stand for something we will fall for anything."

From the Allegro Ballroom, California, Last Century: Still true?

Lead and Follow:
The follower's hand is held lightly by the leader. Neither dancer should clutch the other's hand and hang on. Nor should they press downward with the hand. While pressure through the hands aids the dancers, a tight grip by either dancer inhibits turns and other open moves. Downward pressure on the hand is uncomfortable at best and can strain the shoulder of the "pressee" at worst.

Once the dance begins you will both feel modest centrifugal force, which is as it should be. New dancers usually try to avoid this feeling. The leader withdraws his right arm because he is afraid he will knock his partner out of balance. or the follower steps out of the arm so she won't feel "heavy." You drift apart.

"Peggy Sue" by Buddy Holly 

Self-consciousness may be fine for other social transactions, but when dancers over accommodate each other, they will alternately drift apart and then collide, precisely the result they are trying to avoid. The leader must take both arms with his body everywhere he goes and the follower must stay in the leader's right arm in order to fully "feel" the lead.

Pub's Side Note: Fortunately, I am meeting more people that have good speakers on their computers. With some good speakers you can play music that may sound better than your high class stereos. Or a good set of Earphones. I can give them some of my music.