Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Swinging Time

The day did not start so good, I wasn't feeling very well. Had some juice and did not eat breakfast until 11 am.  But I felt better and later on in the afternoon I was making my plans. Go to Social and after nine get a ride down the hill and then go to Walmart and get some candy for gifts and get the 10 pm #40 bus and making it home in Nanakuli before 11 pm.

Got the six pm "C" bus to Kapolei and the 6:30 #411 going to Makakilo. Got to the dance before seven and plenty people there already setting everything up. Some were even dancing. Gave copies of DVDs to Willy and Nora and four USB memories out to Emmie, Susan, Martin and Benny. I may take more next time.

Danced a little and loaned one camera to Emmie, then I loaned it to Susan and she was able to turn on the flash and get some photos. Most of these photos were from Susan's camera. She got some good ones. I took some background pictures and the line dancing. And I also asked some people to email me a few comments  I will get whatever for this blog but there will be another blog because we will have more pictures to share with our fellow dancers.

The party seem to run very well, and the ring of prayer was led by Roger. People lined up very nicely for the buffet and it sure looked to be a feast fit for royalty. Photos were being taken by Willy and Roy and and a few others. Anyone else interested in sharing, please email me the photos and they will appear even if I have to make a third blog.

Nora and Willy each gave me some goodies to bring home and let me tell everyone, I made myself a meal at home fit for millionaires. Maybe not, probably fit for Billionaires. Anyway I am not sure what I was eating but just about the best meal I've had in months.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Only one blot on the horizon, Lorna will be leaving us for California and we will no longer see her cheerful face.  Hopefully she will email us a little note, now and then, for publication in the blog just to let us know she hasn't forgotten us.

Led by Augusto, everyone getting their good licks in line dancing, fun for all.

A little after nine, I saw Benny and Faith look like they might be leaving. I followed Faith and she said fine. Benny looked at his watch and said I would miss the nine pm bus. But when we got there Faith was able to park right behind the bus while it was unloading passengers. I grabbed my things and made a run for it and just made it. Thanks to Benny and Faith, I was home by 9:30 Turned out to be a bettah day after all.