Wednesday, June 4, 2014


It is coming slowly but surely. Kapolei will be back on the road to being Second City. The Rail Disaster almost wrecked those plans. I hope many of you read Calvin's blogging in Town Dancer. Wow, a class act. The new Dance Studios in town are really doing well and getting lotsa of wannabees. Saturday Night dances, Semi Annual Extravadanzas at the Hotels, the whole smash, coming up.

"Being nice to someone with whom you have an issue doesn't mean you are fake.
It just means that someone taught you how to be polite."

That can only mean one thing. There will be a dance studio in the Kapolei area. Avoiding the time and hassles of getting to town on "Rapid Transit" is a must. Put together with the terrible traffic situation in town that everyone accepts is going to get worse. The next new Industrial Park will be the perfect location.  People all the way from Makaha, and all the way from the North Shore. Kapolei is going to be where it's at.

"Que Sabes De Amor?" por Pandora 

For those of who have their own personal opinions on the subjects, they are perfect to make their entrance into blogging. As a Two Center you can let me know and I will help all I can to facilitate matters.

You do not have to agree with me or anyone else involved in this blog. You are the owner of your own opinions and they will be respected.

 "I Remember You" by Don Ho

You could start with a photo and a couple lines. Then after you have seen what you wrote in print, you can increase your sharing with the reader/dancers. Photos will always be welcomed. Of one to three people is nice but not that much room in blogs to waste. But a good photo of six to eight people is ideal. Then we can have a maximum of exposure for our people on either side of the blog.

A few facts or interesting anecdotes will be good additions to any blog, specially if they pertain to dancing, but not a requirement. The main thing is that no one has a commitment to blog daily, weekly, monthly or whatevah. You blog when you damn well please and whatever you damn well please. Right now you just email me the info, later on it will be different. If you wish you can become a Guest Author. And what is that?

"You have achieved success in your field when you don't know
if what you are doing is work or play."