Saturday, June 21, 2014


I have been working these blogs for more than 15 years and I have carried my own stats of all the blogs to compare them with each other. And I still do not know beans. Kapolei Social Dance is a case in point. I really thought their sequence into second place would only be temporary.

"Some people are not really anxious, they are just extremely well educated about
all the things that can go catastrophically wrong."

Blogging Hawaii had been in second place for years, well behind the fabulous Town Dancer. Oahu West in third place and Kapolei Social Dance in fourth place. They have hovered right around these same areas for years.

"My Way" by Frank Sinatra

Then I was invited to the social at Kapolei Chapter HBDA,  I posted the first blog and it surged ahead of Oahu West.I received addition photos from Willy and I made another blog and this time the hits sent Kapolei Social Dance to second place ahead of Blogging Hawaii. And it is still in second place. Mind boggling!

"Tell Me Why" by the Four Aces

Oahu West and Blogging Hawaii are hovering around third place, it is not clear yet which one will hit. One Two Center in either of them will make the difference. And the content will not matter, it is the different and unique opinion that counts with the reader/dancers, It is not SOS.

There is definite interest in the people from Honokai Hale, specially since they will not have the community center built there. The money will be needed for the Rail Calamity. The Present Rail Party has almost gone through the Federal money. Billions and Billions of dollars in Profits.

Blogger Law #17D: "If everybody doesn't want it, nobody gets it."

Ewa Beach was good at one time but the politics is a little stinky right now. So the other good area is Kalealoa and they have many drinking "fountains" there already. Live music always follows and then dancing. It only take time, but for sure no one want to go to Honolulu if they can avoid it. The mess is only going to get worse. Live, work and play in Paradise is our motto.