Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Blog Moving

Wow! This is the most amazing thing I have come across in my short venture into blogging. I have set up my Stats in a spreadsheet of my own design and it gives me the information that I want. I find it hard to find bad news, (low hits) and I am super elated with good news, (high hits.) So I enter whatever figures are there in the evening and the spreadsheet automatically gives me the average hits per day. Easier to take, not too much down or up.

"Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment, and make it perfect."

The new Dance Pavilion in Kalealoa, overlooking the ocean. Could have been the best thing in the Pacific. But it has been vetoed by the Present Rail Party, naturally.

I start new every month and it is very erratic in the first few days but it soon finds its course and stays pretty much that way. The difference has been with this blog. After ten days, I made the first blog of the Kapolei Chapter Social in Makakilo. The average hits per day went up a couple points, naturally. They had been in the middle 20s. Then with the second blog on the same social, it went up another couple points in average hits per day. With the third one it went to over 30 average hits per day.

"I Can Dream, Can't I?" by the Andrews Sisters

Now with the news of Ewa Chapter HBDA, it has gone steadily up over the "magic" 34 average hits per day which is equivalent to 1000 hits per month. Now we are making contact. This island is very much aware and the news is now spreading to the neighbor islands too. Everyone benefits, nobody loses, it's a win-win situation.

The West has some of the best teachers and some of the best student dancers. The results? Some of the best social dancers in the Pacific. They take a back seat for no one. Now, this is from one of the prior blogs: Listen to your instructors, as long as you are in their class it is better if you try to do as they recommend. Make your turns and figures that involve turns that conform to the school figures using 45, 90, 135, 180 degrees, etc.

Watch the walls so that after a 180 degree figure you are facing the opposite wall. This will help you develop the control and precision that, with time, will allow you to go exactly where you want to. Once you are on the dance floor, you can relax these limits and move according to the crowd.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

After you are finished with the course, you can dance anyway you feel like it. You made the turn at about 62.5 degrees? Who cares? And not everyone will dance the same. In social dancing there are no clones, the point is to enjoy the movement to music.