Friday, June 6, 2014

We Can See Progress

The hits in all of the blogs are at a plateau. Could be just getting their bearings before going ahead. We lost most of the scam, spam robot hits but the Micros are giving us hits.

I just deleted Linkedin for the second time and they are probably good to learn if you have a business, But our blogs are strictly Social Media and the other Micros will do very nicely, we are making good contact with the Mainland.

"How High The Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

Perhaps, the Mainland is where we will get the Guest Authors for our blogs. That will run up the hits for sure. A couple photos of their dance gang at some dance function, a few comments and wow, it would all prove interesting to our fellow reader/dancers. Look at how good Town Dancer is and with only four Guest Authors altogether. Can you imagine with just two more? Independence and Town Dancer will be on its own.

"The point of greatest power is when our Guest Authors
are able to create their own blog within the blog."

The general attitude in Kapolei is Second City in spite of the Rail Catastrophe. Most people are gradually becoming aware that they must do everything to avoid the Rail Calamity because of its devastating inconvenience in comparison to what we have now. It is going to be one big mess for any users. And the Present Rail Party is going to do their best to make it very difficult to have an alternative.

"Little Things Mean A Lot" by Kitty Kallen

In addition we, the citizens, must do everything possible to avoid traveling on the freeway because there will be many more cars on the freeway to avoid the Rail Mess. Not to mention the terrible traffic jams that are coming to Honolulu. Worse than anyone's worst nightmare. So we in the West must find a way to make second city a reality. Live, work and play in the area.

Arthur Murray Studios and Fred Astaire Studios have both made thorough studies a couple years back and found no evidence of the necessity of a Dance Studio in the West. Wrong, wrong , wrong. Someone is going to see and take advantage of a combination Dance Studio and Week End Night Club. I will apply for the job of shoveling the money into the safe. Not only from up the Waianae Coast but also up the Central Valley to the North Shore. Along the Rail Debacle, potential dancers all the way to Salt Lake. They will find it much better going to Kapolei than to down town. But that will be Second City in spite of the naysayers.

Downtown Ivory Towers have got some lessons to learn. The paid politicians are already making less sense. Ewa Beach is learning which ones. And careful with the ones on the HART board.

See you all at the Kapolei Chapter, HBDA social
at the Makakilo Community Center, Monday night.