Wednesday, July 9, 2014


"Growing up small kid time, Kalealoa was rumored to have strip bars. Unlike Honolulu, which has buy-me-drinkie bars and strip clubs galore, this would have been a curious oddity for a population about 50,000. Now the place seem to be growing with ordinary drinking kine oasis." From a long time resident.

"We just need more people that specialize in the impossible."

Now with Kapolei Chapter HBDA solidly entrenched in Kapolei area, and a new one, Ewa Chapter HBDA coming in there is a beautiful awakening on social dancing. These dance clubs have some of the best teachers in the Pacific, of the American style of dance. The kind that can be danced very easily in the smaller dance floors available in night clubs. At any rate, it looks like we shall have fun dancing the night away.

The Goodies section is in all the blogs. What is it? You could be missing a good priced computer or if you have the right last two on your Social Security Number you can get it for free. Not too many people are aware of this. Free, of course, on the Internet, means "be very careful." You can also check in on Town Dancer blog for the latest by Richie Fun, keeping the dancers informed.

"Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes" by Perry Como

Of course, the definition of the Two Center is still up in the air for most readers. Social Media has been an unknown forever and a day. So it should be no surprise that this blog that had gone up so far and so fast with just two chapters of HBDA is now coming back down in hits. However there are plenty of good dancers in this section and they could have a nice time being a Two Center willing to share a few photos and some information for the benefit of their fellow dancers.

Blogger's Law #41: All gossip at the Palladium is true. Do not be misled by facts.