Monday, August 4, 2014

Big Changes

The new month is surprising but it definitely points back to the original, "Platinum Horseshoe" blog. That section of a Horseshoe coming down the Waianae Coast and across to Ewa Beach and up to the North Shore. I played around, made many changes and had fun for a few years until I came to my present physical deficiencies. So be it, I can change it.

"Social media in dancing is not about technology, it is about
psychology. The tools are always changing but the concepts --
the engagement, transparency, entertainment -- do not."

I may just let Dance Waianae and Oahu West, coast for awhile and play it by ear. Most everything in that entire section will be posted to the new blog Platinum Horseshoe. Will be a lot easier for me to post more often to one blog, than to three. A little polish here and there and we will do all right.

"And suddenly you know - it's time to start something new
and trust the magic of beginnings." 

Of course, those terrific Two Centers and potential Guest Authors will really establish whatever blogs they choose and this area is still in the process of development because of the Rail Disaster. That new person will do wonders for this blog.

But do people come and watch dancing? The TV shows really aroused the entire population to the enjoyment of watching professionals dancing. That part is slowing down now. However in our dance circles, there has rarely been enough space for all the dancers and the spectators of dancing. except in the big ballrooms in Waikiki or the famous Palladium.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

Owing to the nature of dancing, exhibition dancing is always a pleasure to watch. Dancing is essentially about moving in an aesthetically pleasing way to music. And many types of dancers can enjoy the same exhibitions. People watch dancing, ladies in particular are often fascinated by the interaction between dancers. So whatever we are building in the West should surely take this into consideration. We have plenty of excellent exhibition dancers.