Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Da First

This will be the first blog under the new name. Dance Waianae blog is the first to be put on hold and used only as a billboard temporarily. I should know what to do with it by the end of the month. Meanwhile we have a lot to do to establish this blog in the West. And I mean "We."

"We cannot worry too much about those who talk about us behind our backs.
They are behind us for a reason."

We keep getting these type flyers. Nice for newsletters, web sites and ordinary advertising. But those few extra words before or after the flyer from someone in house, sure makes the difference in a blog. But a blog is Social Media and that is something else!

We go slow and we will get those sorely needed in a dance blog. Everyone is beginning to be acquainted with the term Two Center and being a contributor automatically makes them eligible to be an Invited Writer, able to create their own blog within any blog of their choosing. It comes with their ready made readers and that comes any time they think they are ready. There is no registration required and no registration fees. There are no annual or monthly meeting or dues. And they may contribute (not money) whatever and whenever they wish.

"I Remember You" by Don Ho

I hope I am not being too strict but we will have Social Media. And ultimately, the blog will be ready for independence. Perhaps this is the one. A couple of steady Invited Writers and they will be ready for independence. If I work it right the best blogs will become independent and the junk blogs will remain mine.