Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kapolei Chapter HBDA

Direct from Willy Dionisio:

Mark and Patty's dance routines have always been crowd pleasers, and so we were very pleased when we heard that they would choreograph our chapter dance routine this year. Nine couples performed the routine during HBDA's 55th Anniversary Ball. That was followed by a performance during HBDA's Cabaret III presentation at the Hawaii Theatre. Mark DelaCruz and Bernie Jay, Roger and Sera Ranada, Martin and Leona Powell, Willy and Nora Dionisio, and Roy De Leon and Patty DelaCruz were the dancers in our encore performance last Saturday at the Kokua Aikane fundraiser.

While we do not have any photos of the actual dance routine performed at the Kokua Aikane fundraiser, we do have some pictures of our chapter members and friends!

Nice view of the dance gang.

Who Da Guy? Lucky.

 A collage anywhere is just fine with photos.

To view our East Coast Swing routine visit our website
More Kapolei news to follow.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Thanks Willy, will be appreciated by the reader/dancers on the Neighbor Islands too.