Thursday, August 7, 2014

Special Edition

From Aunty Maile, WBDC
Aloha Everyone,

By decision of the Wahiawa Recreation Center, the City and County of Honolulu, and the Officers of the Wahiawa Recreation Center, the 50's 60's Dance is CANCELLED for the safety of everyone. Please accept our apologies, as we know that you were excited about coming. Please know that the decision was made in your best interest because of the threat of stormy weather, dangerous road conditions and possible electrical problems that may occur at the Recreation center. We will let you know when our next dance is scheduled and hopefully we will have better weather conditions.

Thing are beginning to lighten up but still be careful. we should also alert everyone on the islands of being better safe than sorry. We have the next weekend of delicious dancing.

This blog has a short review in order.  First step to independence we must have enough regular Two Centers and/or Guest Authors to get over 150 average hits per day. I choose one administrator. Then we choose another and I resign as Administrator. But for Platinum Horseshoe to be truly independent, I must resign as Guest Author and be completely out of it. The Administrators and Guest Authors will then be totally responsible for the success or failure of their blog. I have every confidence that they will make it even better.