Friday, August 1, 2014

The Two Center

My hearing is getting worse. I have been waiting for something from Willy, but I may have misunderstood. Anyway I will post today.

"Shocking, Boehner and Palin have not revealed the source of the latest
millions received or where they have invested. Not in the US.
Shocking. but normal for racketeers."

I thank everyone for your interest in contributing content to any one of our blogs. I appreciate your participation, and I want to make things as easy as possible for all of you to share your awesome content with us. Even from the ones who tell me they have something to say and once off their chests they do not want any further commitments. I say thank you anyway, every little bit counts. And all the blogs will be different.

Dancing at the Mall. What Mall?

So what’s it like being a Two Center? Basically it has been defined by many others, many years ago, They were just willing to "stick their 2 cents in" for the benefit of their fellow dancers. And they are willing to do so regularly. How regularly? Entirely up to them there are no rules. Social Dance Club or Dance Studio affiliation has no bearing on the matter as far as blogs are concerned. You want to mention, go ahead, just fine with everyone.

My goal is to make it fun, beneficial, and easy for everyone. The reader/dancers point of view can be spread to their fellow reader/dancers. The benefit of so many private independent opinions given in honesty and not as gossip. You will be able to grow and share your expertise on dancing experience, health and creativity with a lot of people. Nevah happened befo? This is social media.

Now needed more than ever because I just cannot get around much anymore. That last fall did it. I cannot take the chance and I have been given a Walker by the VA. Not what a really need but a good hint. I am recovering very nicely and my scat scan came through just fine. I have just received my new more deluxe Walker with four wheels and brakes, Seat, with basket under and a back rest. I may be able to walk through the Kapolei Shopping Center but I will have something to hold on to all the while.

So I will need help more than ever. I will place the blog stats in the Town Dancer blog on the first day of the month. The reader/dancers can see the results for the previous month. And everyone can see the comparison in hits and we will all understand when the time comes to delete one. No Hits, No Use. And Store Bought hits are not the answer.