Saturday, September 6, 2014

Amazing Blog

Unbelievable that this blog is holding up at close to 40 average hits per day, and with a good possibility of going into the fifties. The other blogs are in the 20s and 30s. 34 average hits per day is about 1000 hits per month, and that is communication. Many out there do not realize that they are just beating their gums. So be it, we help wherever we can.

"Keep trying to do good, it may come back to you very pleasantly in unexpected ways."

Kalealoa Beach next year? - People would come from Barber's Point, Kapolei
and Ewa Beach, naturally. But they would also come from the Waianae Coast
and the Central Valley - Dream On, Dancers.

"Bailamos (Let's Dance)" by Enrique Iglesias

Hopefully, in West Oahu, the rest of us can join in the celebration to increase awareness of dancing by dancers and non-dancers. Waianae Coast is moving although slowly. And of course we have work to do on the North Shore it is wide open. Still in bedroom community mode of the last century.

Q: What do you call a three-hundred pound gorilla-ballerina? --
A: Whatever she wants you to call her!

We can also be helping in the organizing and promoting of dance activities, in coordination with local amateur and professional dancers. Perhaps next year we can have the first American Style dance competitions in West Oahu, just for the sport.