Sunday, September 14, 2014

Filipino dancing

From the Philippine Cultural Center Clan: Manila

The definition of 'Philippine dance' is certainly mind-boggling. Pervasive influences from the West and from our Oriental neighbors have long ago redefined 'Filipino dance'. Many of our dance cultures are impure to a certain degree due to these influences.

“Ignorance can be cured, Stupid is forever.”

For example, the Silong sa Ganding, La Jota Paloana and Lanceros de Cuyo and the Sakuting are all impure Philippine dances because these dances are influences of the Hindu, Spanish, American and Chinese, respectively. With this premise alone, Philippine dance could be hard to define as we first have to establish a definition of what is Filipino.

The Philippines have been a melting pot of sorts in this part of the globe; or more specifically, a 'melting pot of "both" (Western and Oriental) cultures'. There is an undeniable fusion of the cultures brought about by foreigners to the country with the existing culture early "Filipinos" originally had. This has resulted in such a unique blend of cultures in the country that makes determining the end of native culture and the beginning of foreign cultures is so hard to trace.

 "Dahil Sa Yo" by Pilita Corrales

The Philippines has indeed become a West-tempered East. Philippine dance cultures were among the most affected by Western cultures. Filipinos nowadays, fortunately, appreciate both worlds. Whether the dance is cha-cha cha, ballroom, folk or ballet, surely the Filipinos can always dance to the beat.

There had been much International Style in the past but now we are getting more people interested only in the social aspect of dancing, The social dance based on the American is taking over with their own preferences.

 Sige Imkembot- gangnam?

That evolution is also happening on all the Islands of Hawaii. Specially through the hundreds of amateur and semi-professional teachers around. Each teacher promotes his favorites and his interpretation of the movement. They will evolve their own fun dances.

Pub's Side Note: And I just read that the driverlesss cars will continue to have a steering wheel. Somewhat like airplanes, if something goes wrong with the pilot, the co-pilot takes over. Makes sense to me. And I have heard some people on the North Shore are already experimenting on making their own dance floors. There will be more and I believe that somebody is going to come out with a dilly.