Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kalealoa in Transit

Coming down the Waianae Coast is the Ko-olina Resort and there are quite a few Cocktail Lounges there, but pricey as hell. So if you have a home in the million dollar bracket, you would find it comfortable enough. But not like getting into Kapolei, still somewhat pricey because they are in prime real estate, but much lower.

"There comes a point when you realize that you will never be good enough
for some people. The point is, is it your problem or theirs?"

The Rail Fiasco has emphasised the importance of the new Kalealoa Airport, located on the site of the developing unincorporated town of Kalaeloa and nestled between the Honolulu communities of Ewa Beach, Kapolei and Campbell Industrial Park in West Oahu. There will more affordable homes built in the community and there be more drinking places, naturally.

The name, Ka lae loa, means "long point" in Hawaiian and is the native name for what is now called Barbers Point and has a total population of less than 200 in 160/sq mi. Interesting fact is that over 2/3rds are Haoles. Nice. Plans for 1000 affordable homes and a couple of Industrial Parks. (I can walk home in 20 minutes) are in the making.

"Walk Through Paradise With Me" by Melveen Leed
The Airport had been used primarily as a commuter facility used by unscheduled air taxis, general aviation and transient and locally-based military aircraft. Now, the airport has seen the first-ever scheduled airline service which began on July 1, 2014, with Mokulele Airlines operating flights to Kahului Airport on Maui. Most flights to Kalaeloa Airport will be to and from commuter airports on the other Hawaiian islands which is going to be a lot easier for the commuters. It will also do more to establish the credentials of Kapolei as second city.

And we are on our way.