Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club

Email from Aunty Maile

Apparently their intent is to have a good time. Nuttin' wrong wid dat.

Now I have a slight problem; I have on hand many USB drives that are promotional items for the Town Dancer blog that is going on hold for awhile. They are one Gigabyte in size and it is all digital music, so can only be played on a computer. So you must have good speakers or good quality earphones. I have installed four complete albums of Latin music so that everyone can see how much information can be processed. Valse; Javier Solis - Vicente Fernandez. Tango; Julio Iglesias - Placido Domingo. 

Second problem: How can I get one dozen of these to WBDC to include them as the Christmas presents for the members. Anybody coming by Nanakuli can pick them up.