Thursday, October 23, 2014

Learning in the West

There are an awful lot of beginners in the West and many are interested in learning but many of the complicated exhibition steps in the exhibitions disappoint them. International styles are even more complicated. Beautiful to see, but definitely nothing like most beginners intend to do. Most people just want to enjoy moving to music, that's all.

"We must close some doors, not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance
but simply because they no longer lead somewhere."

We are fortunate to have so many good dance teachers in the American Style of Dance on this Island. They learned the Syllabi from good teachers But since the Syllabi were made by Professionals many of the basic movements are included only as variations.

In every dance movement there are eight very basic and ordinary ways of doing it. This was established three or four millenniums ago in the Mexican Indian Empires and it was simple. There are four basic directions in dance movement, you can go forward, backward, to the left or to the right. And each one can be started on the left or the right foot, and that adds up to eight. They were very simple people, and partner dancing arrived a couple of centuries after the first illegal aliens and the natives adapted very easily.

So we can explain one and any one of your teachers can explain the others. The partners will do the basic common box step. The man goes forward with his left foot and brings his right foot to the side and then closes his left foot to his right foot. He then decides to lead into the forward walk.

"Little Things Mean A Lot" by Kitty Kallen

He leans toward the lady, and instead of stepping back with his right foot he steps forward. The ladies are marvelous and can follow. When he leans forward she leans back and is ready to go back on her left foot. He does three patterns and then they are both back to basic box step. And they will have moved pleasantly to the rhythm of the music. They were dancing.

He can do the same going back and the ladies can follow so beautifully. He can also lead into a left turn very easily. How about a right turn? Heh Heh. You are picking up!