Friday, October 17, 2014


And I have not had any notice what so ever on Thanksgiving.  I suppose it is possible that no one dances on Thanksgiving day or thereabouts. Well, I try to be patient. If and when they wish I will post something. As soon as I am able to walk around better (I am still on my walker) I shall have to take trips into town, Just to get around a little more.

"So many of us can hear almost complete fabrications and believe them even if
we know nothing of the real facts. Then they repeat it as if it were the truth. 
This is the Creative Researchers And Producers."

Then I thought to remind people of the Christmas Party in less the two months. It will be held far up the right side of the Horseshoe. We gotta good territory to cover but not much news from anyone. So many nice evening spots too but they have their own Web sites. Auwe!

A sccondary object of these blogs has been to help the ordinary dancers who wish to dance socially and gain pleasure from knowing many rhythms and types of social dance in these Islands. And I do not wish to overburden anyone with too advanced descriptions  of anything. And our local teachers have got to be some of the greatest. The social dancers will benefit even more if they use these blogs in conjunction with their other dance activities.

"Little Things Mean A Lot" by Kitty Kallen

There is where the Two Centers and the Guest Authors become so valuable to the reader/dancers. Just sharing the local dance photos and items of interest with their friends, relatives, neighbors and fellow dancers. That's blogging.

Pub's Side Note: Social media in dancing is not about technology, it is about pschology. The tools are always changing but the concepts -- the engagement, transparency, sharing and entertainment -- do not.