Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Platinum Horseshoe coming down in average hits per day but still in first place. Town Dancer has overtaken Blogging Hawaii and now firmly in second place. From the looks of my stats, Town Dancer will be back in first place starting the month of November.

"We are stronger because we had to be, we are smarter because of our mistakes, happier because of the sadness we have known - and wiser because we have learned."

The newcomer which came out of nowhere is Dancing Nights and it is already ahead of two of the bottom blogs. One Two Center will put it up with the big ones. For all the dance organizations, we are not "instead of" your Web Site. We are "in addition to" like a newspaper ad except that we don't cost money. We do it as an act of communication from and to our reader/dancers.

This territory is developing very well. Kalealoa Airport is getting more action, and the Kalealoa Barber's Point Harbor too. Merchandise is being shipped to Kalealoa and then distributed locally without going through that horrible Honolulu traffic. They will eventually charge more for deliveries from Honolulu. And they are thinking of expanding the Harbor in Waianae. That Rail Catastrophe forced a lot of people to do some thinking. Da Rail ain't it in spite of billions and billions of dollars in profits. Easy money!

"A Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles

So for this blog, all we need for now is one more good Two Center with the information that interests the reader/dancers. The photo of the gang is most important and you can have more than one gang, naturally. Hopefully we will eventually get that valuable Guest Author, that will develop their own mini-blog within this blog.

"If you live for having it all, No one has to tell you, it is never enough."

Photos are valuable in the inverse proportion to their availability. How you figure? One nice photo of the dance gang in one of our blogs, compared to the same photo in Facebook who is due to get 350 million today?