Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Visitacion Family

From Maurice Morita, Dance Hawaii.                                                                     

Emmie Visitacion:

In behalf of Emmie's family, they want to thank you for all the prayers, visits, phone calls, etc. wishing Emmie a fast recovery. Emmie had her 2nd chemo treatment last Wednesday, Oct. 15th to 17th. Her 3rd chemo treatment will be Wednesday, Oct. 29th to October 31st. If you want to visit Emmie, the middle of this week may be the best time, in between her chemo treatment. If you are sick, have a cold, etc., please do not visit her. Chemo kills her cancer cells but it also kills her good cells so her immune system may be down. Please call her if you want to visit her. If she is in pain, she will not answer her phone so just leave a message. Please continue with your prayers for Emmie.

Benny Visitacion:

For those who have not heard, Emmie's husband, Benny, also has a tumor below his bladder that has been diagnosed with cancer. The doctors are having consultation meetings with his family to decide the best way to handle Benny's tumor.

Please add Benny in your prayers, too.

Pub's Side Note:
I know that this would have been a perfect spot for a photo of my good friends. However, I just couldn't get it. My apologies, Sorry folks.