Friday, November 28, 2014

Second City in Second Gear

Kalaeloa Airport moving along very nicely. Located in the unincorporated town of Kalaeloa and nestled between the communities of Ewa Beach and Kapolei. Just waiting for that reasonably priced hotel and there is one in the planning stages. On the Beach? Beautiful.

"Over and over we can marvel at the blessings in our lives,
each year can be better than the last."

Kalealoa Airport, 2014

The airport saw its first-ever scheduled airline service begin on July 1, 2014, with Mokulele Airlines operating flights to Kahului Airport on Maui. Most flights to Kalaeloa Airport will originate from commuter airports on the neighbor islands and it continues to be used as a commuter facility used by unscheduled air taxis, general aviation and transient and locally-based military aircraft, There is a coming schedule for regular flights to and from Kaui and also the Big Island.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

The Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor has plans for the next 25 plus years to meet the state’s needs. They will recommend layout configurations for berthing, cargo/fuel storage, and yard operations as well as optimize vehicular circulation, vessel operational areas and ancillary facilities.

Kalealoa Harbor, 2014

They are also preparing the Kalaeloa Harbor Fuel Pier Development Plan to develop a dedicated Fuel Pier to accommodate the various types of fuel and feedstock shipments that serve and could potentially serve the State’s fuel and energy markets.

The plan will recommend pier infrastructure improvements to address projected increases in fuel imports and exports as well as relieve congestion for the general cargo and dry-bulk cargo that also utilizes the Harbor

Kalaeloa Airport and Kalealoa Harbor are now part of a centralized state structure governing all of the airports and seaports of Hawaiʻi. Ten thousand less cars on the freeways to and from Honolulu, ten thousand less cars in Honolulu Traffic, ten thousand less humans suffering the travels to Honolulu. And "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

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