Sunday, November 16, 2014

Your Own Blog

Building your own blog doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive and using our blogs as stepping stones you don't have to start cold turkey. You can get started today by becoming a Two Center in this blog or any of our dance blogs. Just email a photo of your gang with the location, occasion and the first names. Easy.

"Lucky we don't have many joy-stealers: gossipers, excessive criticism, complaining, faultfinding, and a negative, judgmental attitude in the West."

Most people that know me, assume that I want to help the dancers and that is a correct assumption. I put together this entire blogosphere to make it easier for anyone to eventually get in on it. We can get more people out of the ordinary rat race and help them find a meaningful hobby they love to do through their own high quality blogging.

"Help" by the Beatles

This is your opportunity to do the same. Or just fohgettaboudit. I started the first blog like anyone else cold turkey and gradually realized what could be developed. I launched my effort to build a Blogosphere that could be molded by the eventual Guest Authors, nearer to their hearts desire. They would have a piece of their own blog to serve people in the entire dance scene. Dancers searching for a smooth blog setup that points them in the direction of long term success.

I look to counsel timid beginners on overcoming those initial blogging fears that hold back isolated, direction-starved dreamers.  I picked up on the Information Contributor used on the Mainland and use the term Two Center. Most people are realizing that this helps newbies discover how blogging opens doors to opportunity, connection, creativity and happiness. Eventually they would be ready, willing and able to be Guest Authors.

With just a few Guest Authors, they can consult with one another on new ideas to increase their reach and available information and photos. As soon as we have enough Guest Authors to be comfortably over the 100 average hits per day. We can look forward to phasing the blog into independence and having it being run only by the Guest Authors. We can see that our Dance Blogging as the best method of Social Media. We spread the gospel over a much larger part of our dance environment.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

This is specially true with the majority of our dancers because their background is not technology. From there it is relatively easy and you can make your own decision of making your own blog,. You will have the necessary knowledge to make a wise decision.