Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Night Club Dance Studio

There are many on the mainland, and there has been the most beautiful one for many years in, Alhambra, California. "The Granada," and it is a combination, Dance Studio, Restaurant, Night Club and Ballroom. In Honolulu, we have several that are borderline but usually just have a dance party at the Studio.

"We may cultivate vibrant surroundings and commit ourselves to making choices
that will help us release the expression of our unique purpose."

But in Kapolei, We have no need for such a big place. I  would say one fifth as big as the Palladium would be large enough. With as much machine as possible, pop machine, juice machine, nectar machine, snack machine and anything else machine. Just available to quench the thirst, add to the stomach and involving as little human factor as possible. Sublet the combination Juice and Alcohol bar service if you must have Alcohol and top it off with a small cover.

Latin Dance Friday Night - Social Dancing on Saturday and Sunday, would be perfect and would be sold out every week end. Might even have to add an extra night for dancing, either Thursday or Monday. And of course, there would also be the Pau Hana Dance every Wednesday evening starting at 5:00 PM. - Ideas, ideas and more ideas. Many people are just kicking them around, but for now, they're just ideas. The Rail Disaster has sure brought out the "Independence from Honolulu" factor.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

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