Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Year 2015

As we move into the new year, Platinum Horseshoe seems to be the one most indicated social media in West Oahu to lead the way. More easily accessible information specially for the new social dancers that are being created every day in the West. Actually most have always been there, it just has not been easy to get into dancing. Kapolei and Ewa Beach Chapters HBDA have been doing a great job of leading the way into the West.

"For most of us, it’s has been how we deal with failure that
determines how we achieve success."

Blogging is becoming clearly the preferred method of communication for the social dancers with much more information in each blog. The accessibility is just as easy as Web sites except that the information is much more current and it invites feedback. Web sites may be updated once every quarter, blogs may be posted twice a week.

"Auld Lang Syne"

Micro blogs, such as Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr may be posted daily but are much shorter and there may be difficulty in accessibility because to get the information requires membership in the Micro. Usually a small group works well communicating with each other by this method instead of email.

Town Dancer remains in front for the New Year and Blogging Hawaii has always hovered as a possible second. That one Information Contributor or Guest Author would make all the difference in the world. The next top three are all in the West. Platinum Horseshoe, naturally, followed by Moanalua Corridor and Dance Waianae. That one person, will decide which one goes firmly into second place.

"I Believe" by Frankie Laine

And it may come from an interested party not closely allied to anyone of the social dance clubs in the West. It would follow that the reader/dancers would see the difference and one more could make the difference of taking over first place from Town Dancer and be ready for independence. This coming year will tell. I cannot live forever and we must prepare.

For those interested in what is happening in town read Calvin's notice in Tuesday Town Dancer. USADance has something nice going in January to encourage young dancers. And we got rid of the "junk" comments so the comments are open again in all the blogs. Please submit info or you can ask questions. Mahalo.