Monday, January 26, 2015

Becoming More Aware

People do ask each other for their opinions and West Oahu is no different. The Paso Doble is not very easily accept into ordinary dance circles. The representation of the bullfight does not seem to be bullfighting. No one wears boots in a bullfight except the horse riders. Least of all the matador. He wears white stockings and shoes that resemble ballet shoes. Let me tell, you don't go around stamping on sand with those. Arena means sand in Spanish. Even the Spanish realize this already.

"We can just sit here and dream it, or we can make the effort to make it happen."

Then many people recognize the fact that there should be a larger Bronze division in all the accepted dances, maybe 30 steps. There are many very basic movements missing there and transferable to other dances as well. The more basic moves covered well by the beginner the better the end results of moving to the music. No doubt about it.

There will also be a larger that usual Silver division, for the same reason. Strickly for the more advanced dancers. The ones planning on going into exhibition and competition dancing and willing to spend more time in learning, Another 30 steps.

Gold and beyond is for Exhibition and Competition Dancers. And those people will be able tackle their own kuleanas adequately, I am sure. With over six hundred documented steps in Salsa alone, you can see that there is plenty of room for the advanced dancers. Meanwhile the real movers to music will continue on their merry way having a ball two or three times a week whenever and wherever they can.

"Walk Through Paradise With Me" by Melveen Leed

We all realize the Republicans have lost the war in Afghanistan. Yeah, but when?

Blogs broadcast their content out to the web every time there is something new and anyone with the URL can tune in and read all about it. Websites on the other hand wait to be discovered by search engine spiders. They are very good as reference material - the officers, the teachers, the schedules, the photo albums etc.

It’s like the difference between fishing and hunting. You can sit and wait for fish or you can actively hunt and pursue. Blogs are faster - posting and syndication is almost instantaneous. Many blog search engines index and list your postings within minutes after you publish.