Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kapolei Going Great

Terrific how the citizens of the West are realizing that Second City is very possible with little necessity of the Rail Catastrophe. So many beautiful blocks being set up by the smart people in this sector. Wow, it is is looking beautiful and there are many enterprising people that are going to set up businesses in Kapolei. In Town they have been suckered in by the Big Bucks same as the Kakaako Development. Increased traffic never worries them. It's the money, Sonny. It's the bread, Fred. And the "keep the country, country," crap.

"If our plans do not work, we can change the plans, but never the goal,"

New Kalealoa Community Center overlooking the beach at Kalealoa Harbor

"The Green Grass Of Home, by Melveen Leed.

Play learning in West Oahu: Dancing is a way for adults to play.

Play involves a significant cost to animals, such as increased vulnerability to predators and the risk of injury and possibly infection. It also consumes energy, so there must be significant benefits associated with play for it to have evolved. Play is generally seen in younger animals, suggesting a link with learning. However, it may also have other benefits not associated directly with learning, for example improving physical fitness.

So how do we, as humans, teach and learn? Well, we learn too even though at times it is very difficult to get "Good People" as participants in our blog. Now it is also difficult to get "Good People" into Platinum Horseshoe blog too. So we learn and perhaps worry less about it all. Whatever the West is doing is just fine for now and everything is expanding and we are getting more people, that are not that interested in Town. Everyone seems to be more understanding,, as Walter Cronkite use to say after every broadcast. "And that's the way it is.

Our pageview hits are going steadily up so I know somebody is reading our material. If we hit enough average pageviews per day for our nine blogs, we will do all right. That definitely means we are making contact and there is no way to go but up. The eventual spin off of the first independent social media blog should be before the end of the year sometime. I will phase myself out of it slowly, but it will be inevitably. I cannot live forever.

"This Old Heart Of Mine" by the Isley Brothers