Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Basic at Kalealoa

By Francis Morten, Kapolei

Most of the social dancers in West Oahu seem to know about the Basic Step even though no has ever explained it fully to them. They have a good idea that most dances have one Basic Step. There are some dances a century ago that had more than one basic and that of course has held them back. Fox Trot and Samba for instance.

"Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away."

A dance's Basic Step determines whether it is accepted by "trendy young" as well as the more experienced Social Dancer. The great appeal of most of our social dances is its Basic Step. The dancers commonly moving from and back to the Basic.

"I'll Be Seeing You" by Bing Crosby

That automatically leads us to our choice of the Classics preferred on the Island of Oahu. Most of these have been learned from almost a century ago here on Oahu and introduced by the newcomers. There was a great surge in popularity during the War years. And since then, they have been more clearly defined by the two Mainland dance organizations, the American and the International Style and many of the dances are interchangeable in the music.

There are six that we can consider the Classics, Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Swing and Tango. There are more of course, but they can be considered gingerbread. Good but as a extra attraction in our social dance circles. If we can dance these six dances of substance well, we can have the satisfaction of knowing we can dance with most sophisticated Social Dancers on the Island of Oahu.

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