Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Overhaul

Of our blogosphere is almost complete. The remaining question is Moanalua Corridor. (no news from there.) And the most important lack is the recognition of blogs as something more than "to whom it may concern" kind of of advertising. All are one shot notifications to the reader/dancers.

"We don't chase people anymore. The Dance Scene is learning that we are
here and important and we are available to help. If you are not interested,
we must respect and try not to get in your way."

Our best is still Divino Ritmo posted by Richie Fun, and second place Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club contributed by Maile Yagi. And we are gradually getting Dance Hawaii which includes the United Visayan Hall contributed by Maurice Morita. And we get them without Copyright encumbrances.

Unfortunately, they all lack what we used to have at one time from Kapolei Chapter HBDA. The results at the social - with the comments and photos that are the real meat and potatoes of social media. And we have a total lack of this at the moment. We are beginning to make contact with people in the Night Club circuit and perhaps they will take the advantage of blogging. For Public Relations this cannot be beat.

For now, the studios seem to making the best of blogging though many still rely on quarterly Web updates, even though many are not updated even then. And too many are easy with the "Copyright" issue. That can stop people cold and if those are your intentions fine. For us we will try to respect and avoid any confrontations with Copyrights. If any of you see any in here please let us know and our delete button is ready and we will issue apologies.

"Little Things Mean A Lot" by Kitty Kallen

Will all this preparation, there will be a ballroom dance studio in the Kapolei area and there will be a ballroom dance club too. Of course, we will offer our help, so whenever you are ready, give us a call. The entire enchilada has no where to go but up.

Pub's Side Note: I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank the VA for what they have been doing for me. At times it seems they do too much, and I don't deserve it. However, though the prognosis is not good, knowing these people, I believe I shall dance again.