Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Developing Nicely

This blog is really fleshing itself our very nicely. Just one Guest Author and it may rival the famous Town Dancer blog. But too many good dancers out there that do not feel they are "qualified" to comment on Dancing in Hawaii, for whatevah the reason. I know we do not need "clones" and each and everyone is different and that is the value of the Guest Author, their uniqueness.

"Unfortunately, some people can be brain washed with an eye dropper."

Now in the West, as we  move slowly ahead in our "Dance in Hawaii" environment, we must think "Dance Floors." We have discussed size in other blogs but now we can go into the physical material where we do our clodhopping. And we all accept the fact that we lack some good flooring. Flooring that will not harm our feet in the long run. And there is some portable flooring that is too soft.

 "Save The Last Dance For Me" by Michael Buble

Flooring installation can be done by volunteers in a typical remodeling project. Solid hardwood flooring stock should be in the room where it will be used at least three weeks prior to installation. This allows the wood to acclimate to the average moisture content and heat of the room. If material is laid too early, it can dry and shrink and the joints between boards will open up. Laminates only need to be on site a few days prior to installation. Can we be thinking about this, somebody? Dancing in Hawaii means all the Islands.

By Roy Chang, one of the best in the Pacific, in Midweek

Platinum Horseshoe blog has now taken a small lead for second place. Town Dancer has been losing ground steadily for the last two months. I will let it roll as it wishes, I can only do so much. With just a couple good Two Centers, "it coulda been a contendah." I have a lot of things in process of moving these blogs into independence. I expect to get a Two Center and Photo Contributor and from there it is fairly easy to become a Guest Author. That should give Platinum Horseshoe a definite lead over all the blogs and very probably the first blog to go independent.