Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ka Makana Alii Mall

Ka Makana Alii, broke ground Thursday, March 5th on a new 1.4 million-square-foot regional mall coming to West Oahu. It will be the first new regional shopping center to be built on Oahu in more than three decades. Construction is estimated at more than $500 million and not with your taxes like the Rail Disaster.

Ka Makana Alii will feature more than 150 shops and restaurants, two hotels (with two night clubs?) and sadly no second floor Office Space. Tenants will include Macy’s, H&M, Forever 21, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and Hawaii’s first Hampton Inn & Suites. Their vision is to really create a town center where everybody in this region can experience shopping, dining and entertainment, (Dancing in Hawaii) where everybody can experience family. Except that they completely forgot about the second floor.

With the beautiful Articulated Buses we had before the Rail Catastrophe,
we coulda had it made in the shade.

Construction on phase one of Ka Makana Alii, which includes more than 750,000 square feet of retail, dining, entertainment and hotel space, is scheduled to be completed by late 2016. It will be constructed in phases, is expected to create an estimated 3,000 jobs during construction and 6,500 direct and indirect jobs upon its completion. 6500 less cars on the freeways to and from Honolulu. And the Honolulu Traffic Mess will have 6500 less cars screwing up the works.

Waianae is looking good to be Third City. One Business Park to start the ball rolling.

It will cater to the local residents who live here, as far as the food, fashion, dining experience. How about Dancing in Hawaii? For a lot of people it will also be within convenient walking distance. It is nice to know that it’s going to be more locally-oriented and locally-driven. It will have the type of vendors we are accustomed to, like Macy’s, even though Ala Moana has Macy’s, but it will be more of our own personal type of shopping center. Second City and no need go downtown to Honolulu. If you are stuck with Honolulu, it is your problem, please don't make it ours.