Wednesday, April 1, 2015

For Yvonne Montes

And the rest of the relatives:
I am sending two USB drives with digital information. You need more I can send. I will also send to your mother and to your aunt Eleanor. These are promotional to give to reader/dancers of these blogs. In this package are several other things. A meter to count your steps that some one may be able to use over there. Won't do me any good here. And then there is a copy of the movie "Tango" on DVD which I made when I was experimenting and no use now because I don't get around much anymore.

The main thing is the Songs in Video, that I picked up in my surfing of the net.

"Abrazame" made famous by Julio Iglesias but doesn't quite have the heart the Mexicans put into it. This one is by Alejandro Fernandez and you can tell his girlfriend intends to leave him and he is heart broken. Even the piano player gets his body English to get the most out of the instrument. Then it features one of the best trumpet players in Mexico. Nickname "Shanghai Czech" and he is neither from Shanghai nor from Czechoslovakia. Just a play on words, because he looks like someone.

"La Distancia" an oldie but goodie made famous by Roberto Carlos, and this was way back when he was young and had his hair waved so he wouldn't look so Indian. Indian song with the definite use of European instruments. One of my favorites.

"Detalles" definitely Indian in complete backgrounds and the singing derived from the old Indian chants. Each entire sentence is on the same note, the next sentence in a higher or lower note. All phrases are in a different note and the song remains one of my all time favorites  It is taken in Chile somewhere so there is a fireplace. Also by Roberto Carlos.

"Hasta Que Te Conoci" by Juan Gabriel. Rapidly becoming more famous in spite of being gay. This in Mexico where they pride themselves on their manliness. But he a a nice man, good singer, and very good theatrical presentations of Latin Music and Dance. Also has has hair waved to look less Indian.

"When I Was Young" by Charles Aznavour really need no introduction. Beautiful song and lyrics and it will last as a classic.

If the family gets some good speakers for their computers you can do away with your DVD players and your stereo sets. And tons of music free on the Internet. And I am finding it easier "not" to copy and just play whatever I find at the moment.