Monday, May 25, 2015

Not A Ballroom Dancer?

By Everett Lin, Kaimuki (a repeat)
from a Blogging Hawaii blog.

This term is easy to come by. First there is the top group that would be the most qualified to judge. And they would be most sincere about it, officially ballroom dancing is what they do. They considered it an art, they study long and hard and no apologies need be made for that. What is hard to swallow is terms like, "Ala Wai Dancer" or "Junk Dancer." With those words, they have definitely established a big big difference in them and us. And they had no idea that we would eventually glory in that difference.

"Anything in life worth having is worth working for it."

We Can Dream, Can't We?
If I join a line dance group, I would not be considered a ballroom dancer, that's easy. And if I joined a swing dance group I would not be considered a ballroom dancer. The same applies to Salsa and Tango, Country dancing and any other peripheral dance group. These specialty groups are very definite in not wanting to be "ballroom." And there have been dance clubs that have formed with the proposition of "not" being a ballroom dance club. For a reason? Yes! And many have chosen to ignore the reason. Ballroom belongs to somebody else.

"Wheel Of Fortune" by Kay Starr

How about a Night Club dancer? You have read enough already in these blogs that they definitely do not want to consider themselves ballroom dancers. Their reasoning is slowly coming to everyone. In the latter part of the last century, a far bigger group has emerged and has been very conveniently overlooked from any one's reasoning. And for want of a better word they have classified themselves as "social" dancers. This is to distinguish themselves from those who are in the "deluxe" categories and considered what they do as art.

Now, only 15 years into this new century, it is becoming very apparent that this, bigger group than all of them put together, definitely do not consider themselves ballroom dancers. They are still in the process of acquiring the most appropriate terminology for their very important group, social, recreational, cultural, universal. It will not be decided from those up on top, but by the dancers in this group themselves.  They are just beginning to feel cohesive and therein lies the secret of what is coming. 

La Camisa Negra* por Juanes

We are overdue for some Happy Dancing in our places of dance and together with our people. Will everyone be welcomed? Of course, just don't go looking down your nose at me.