Friday, May 8, 2015


This blog is just coasting for now. The new studio and the new dance club will do it along with a couple of Two Centers to furnish some info and perhaps a photo or two. I went last night to Makua Alii in town and not too bad for a beginning. I passed the camera around to get divergent views but when I got home there was only got one picture on the memory card. They are learning as well as I, it is a beginning,

"Dancing is the art of getting your feet out of the way faster
than your partner can step on them."

Besides the ordinary, run of the mill dancers (bless them) we are getting some pretty savvy readers in this blog. For those of you using a word processor first and then posting to any blogs. Our advice is don't get into Microsoft Office, if you can avoid it. Wow, talk about complications! With them the days of the simplifier are gone forever.

LAGS is the "latest and greatest syndrome."
Pushed by many teachers and welcomed by the students.

When it comes to pictures, the one person photo is the worst of the lot. Two people is better but not by much. To show several people, now that is friendship, dancing, music, fun, party and lends itself much better as social media. So we are all learning that what happens at the social occasion is much better public relations than the "advertisement." With a few nice comments it is all gravy.