Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kesler and Company

There will be times, even when we get going, that we will want to go to Waikiki and enjoy an extravadanza, dining and dancing. Such an occasion is a show such as Doug Kesler's. He sent me the poster on a postcard. Perhaps I can get it clearer next time and he can find someone to email it to me in JPEG. So we all do the best we can.

You have three weeks so get going. Of course there are more happenings in the West if you can get away from the Rail Catastrophe. Horrible traffic jams cooked up by the Present Rail Party to get more money. But the dancers are finding ways, to find there way through this mess. For tourists Maui is getting to be a better destination than Oahu. Why? The Rail Mess for one thing.

The Dancers in West Oahu will not quit, and they remain among the best dancers in the Pacific. Many in social dancing are using the alternative basic in American Rumba and that looks good, The dancing in Hawaii is progressing very nicely and all in the right direction.

" We should always do our best. What we plant now, we may harvest later."